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ROSALIE (2nd year)

One year ago, Rosalie was interviewed. In this post, you’ll be able to catch up on what they have been up to in the meantime.

“Language is something I really enjoy. I like to play with language and to think about what words I can use to convey my point. I do this often as editor in chief of BAISmag. For example, our magazine has many different pieces, like political pieces, opinionated pieces, personal pieces, etc., and you really have to adapt the language per piece, which is something I really enjoy doing. Since I want to do more with language, I decided that in my third year, instead of doing a minor, I am going to start a second bachelor in Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Nijmegen. This bachelor kind of lets me explore that creativity with language. Though, I don’t want to leave IS fully behind, because it is still something that I really enjoy doing.

And IS has also had an impact on the way I approach literature. I have started applying what I have learned to the fictional books I like to read. For example, in my favorite book series ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’ by John Flanagan, I have found myself become more interested in the way their political system works. I am also part of the Fanclub of that series in the Netherlands and during the Dutch elections, we made a piece about the political leaders in those books. We were like, ‘this is what we know about them, these are their roles, and if you could vote for them, who would you vote for?’ Connecting the two not only makes me feel as though I've learned something, but it can also really help to understand IS content more because you can approach it from a very isolated and fun fictitious situation.

I definitely recommend applying IS to literature, and literature to IS, because it can be a lot of fun and really add to your understanding. However, in the end, reading is also supposed to be fun, so if you do it in your spare time, it should mainly bring you joy - even, or perhaps especially, if that means reading something super non-academic or irrelevant to real life (such as some works of fanfiction ;).” (Rosalie, 2nd year, The Netherlands)

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