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  • Charlotte Dröge

MICHAL (3rd Year)

"I was diagnosed with ADHD a year and 10 days ago, which has made me understand the invisible force I was fighting throughout university and every other single part of my life. Accepting it is a perspective change, in which I can sort of skip feeling bad about not being able to do certain things.

Because for me, the frustration part is so present in my life, and there is also a feeling of ‘but I am able to do it, if I am just a bit more disciplined, or if I just have a bit more time.’ But in the end, there are only so many hours in a day. Like if everyone had unlimited time and unlimited brainpower, everyone would have been able to do anything. I now know that I need to be assertive and take decisions based on my ADHD. Being diagnosed with ADHD does not make it easier, but I allow myself to have ADHD now because masking it is exhausting. It is much freer now. I don’t really care if it’s noticeable or visible, and yes, sometimes it is annoying, also for me. But it is MY problem.

I am allowing myself to weaponize it a little bit – by talking about it. I think it is really essential to just talk about it, with your stuco or whoever, just to have it out there, preventively. It doesn’t always actually do something, but you don’t really lose anything from just talking about it. Because the general takeaway of this is that you are in university for yourself. So, I just ask myself: how am I facilitating myself? And if that involves talking about it, then I am doing that for myself."


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