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MATÚŠ (3rd year)

“A saying my grandma used to say me growing up was: “Dajak bolo, dajak bude“, which translates into “Somehow it worked out and somehow it is going to work out again.” She was born in Eastern Slovakia in the 1940s, which was certainly not the easiest time to start a life, but I always found that this saying is despite different times still applicable in a very individual and contemporary way. Even though my day-to-day struggles are very different from hers, I find that this saying has influenced me growing up and nowadays during my studies since it forms a mindset, in which moving on from experiences is seen as key. For instance: when you look at negative encounters from a perspective of them passing by and good things coming your way, a failed exam just becomes a failed exam, and stressful Master choices only remain stressful Master choices. What I want to say is, that it put things in perspective, because my life choices have worked out for me so far, so why should I assume that they are not going to work out in the future? So, the saying is on the one hand about setting things into perspective and not getting stuck on experiences of failure and on the other hand about trust in oneself (and maybe the world?) that things are going to work out since they have done so in the past.” (Matúš, 3rd year, Slovakia)

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