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  • Greta Matz

MAKAYLA (2nd year)

“I was 8 when my family decided to go to a different beach than we’d usually go to. My older sister and I were being a bit cocky and went out swimming on our own. What my family and I did not know however was that the open ocean at that beach had a strong rip current. So, I and my sister swam for a bit and when we decided to swim back to the shore, we discovered that we were unable to swim closer to the shore in any way. We realised out in the open ocean how far we had been carried outside and that we were not even able to yell for help or signal our parents in any other way, that we were stuck. Eventually, my uncle and father realised that something was wrong and went in to save us. But they also ended up getting stuck, leaving the 4 of us out in the open ocean without the possibility to reach the shore. After a while of my sister pulling me with her trying to reach the shore without making any progress, I came to terms with the fact that this would be the moment in which I’d be dying and I started praying. Finally, my aunt realised that something was wrong and found some local fishermen, who ended up saving us. They were able to circumvent the rip current by knowing the waters and avoiding the steep areas.

That experience made me realise, that life is fragile and that when it's nature against humans, one does not stand a chance. I would say, that this has led me to be more careful in my life nowadays. I do not put myself in unnecessary danger and try to be appreciative of life and experience it responsibly and consciously.” (Makayla, 2nd year, Maputo)

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