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  • Vivian Graham

LIAM (4th year)

"Funnily enough, she’s the first person I’ve brought home to spend the holidays with my family. It’s gotten to that point where I feel kind of adult enough to do that. Because before it was like you’d have relationships and what-not, but if they spend the holidays with you it feels a bit more serious. It’s like you’ve gotten the stamp of approval, and you’re officially an adult. I’m no longer just a teenager, we’re no longer just going on dates, it just feels a bit deeper which is something I’ve really been enjoying. She gets along with my parents, but sometimes I think she’s being too polite. I have no issue with this, but I say that she has “Canadian-syndrome” where she apologizes for everything. Just small things. For example, if she has to use the laundry machine she’ll be like “Ah I’m so sorry, I’m being so cumbersome, such a bother,” and I’m just like “You can wash your clothes, stop worrying.” It’s really wholesome and I love it, but it’s always silly things. Like she’ll ask for something in the fridge and then offer to buy a new one to replace it. Like no, you’re our guest and that’s not how it works. But I also love that about her, I think she’s great."

(Liam, 4th year, Amsterdam)

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