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  • Emeline Rateau

GEORGI (1st year)

"We used to see each other every day for at least three months. It was my first time being that close to someone. I really cared about her. I just wanted her to be happy and I did my best to do so. But I didn't know how to consider the situation since we didn't make things clear. I tried to talk to her about it and she didn't take it too well. I think something broke in her. And although I apologized and I asked her to meet again, something was different, she was more distant. It really affected me because I was constantly trying to find out “what did I do wrong?” I felt very sad and heartbroken, and I ended up feeling like the only person I truly loved was gone forever and I would never experience this ever again. It's been more than a year now. I could‘ve lost faith in love but instead, I used this experience as an invaluable lesson and I treasure it to this day. Looking back, I would say that we weren't looking for the same thing and that we didn't communicate enough. Still, I'm glad it happened because it made me a better person and helped me realize that love takes time and lots of patience."

Location: Bulgaria

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