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  • Charlotte Dröge

FENJA (3rd year)

“After being in BASIS’ Social Committee last year, I looked for a new project outside of university to put time and engage myself in. I thought it would be cool to combine it with an advocating position, and wanted something with a great sense of community, so I joined the UN Youth Impact team. I am participating in the ‘green impact’ subdivision, which regards sustainability and environmental work. Cool enough, there was a lot of freedom in exploring different ideas and content to create, which meant that I was able to combine it with a bunch of hobbies that I already love, like cooking. Our team started the Nutrition Project, where we focus on sharing recipes and facts about food. I like it a lot because it’s on a regular basis and I work in a supportive team. It’s also nice to have something to focus on that isn't academic work. If you have other projects to engage in and write for, it changes up your routine in a good way. Now, even when I don’t have an appetite or motivation to cook, it forces me to do something for my hobby, which I like. Especially in the pandemic, where I keep starting hobbies like crocheting, knitting, working out, and yoga but stop them again soon after. So, I guess UN Youth Impact is another way to keep practicing my hobbies and keep them consistent. UN Youth Impact also introduces me to new hobbies through upcoming projects, like home gardening. I don’t have a green thumb yet though. I’m trying to grow broccoli now, which goes better for some and worse for others, and I think I have a one-in-four success rate so far, haha. I guess my pandemic lifesaver, besides my close relationship with my roommates, is my balcony. Every time it’s sunny, I sit outside on my balcony. Sitting there just gives me instant serotonin. I have no WIFI or data connection there, which means I can’t check social media, or even listen to music. However, it’s actually a blessing in disguise because it means I read books there or focus on my surroundings. I have actually become some of an occasional bird watcher now, besides watching my broccoli plant grow.” (Fenja, third year, Germany)

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