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  • Emeline Rateau

EVALIEN (2nd year)

“Drama had always been my passion. I knew I wanted to join a theater school and become an actress. It had been my goal for so long, and as the end of high school was nearing, my options were narrowing. I remember being selected to audition for a Dutch movie, and I was among 200 other girls auditioning. Several days later I received an email saying that they really liked my acting, but that my features didn’t match the director’s vision. Another time, the writer of a updated version of Grease came to watch my group performing and cast me for a national production of the musical he had written with actual teenagers. Unfortunately the project was soon canceled due to financial reasons. From there, everything I had considered normal started to change: my theater group started to fall apart, with everyone going their own way and with their own plans for higher education. I started questioning my choices, and after already having many leading or big roles, in my last year I got one of the smallest roles. I realized that I wanted to do something else with my life. It came to me that rather than playing people that changed the world, I could help to change the world myself. Coming from a very conservative place, I wanted to discover more of the world and that’s how I ended up here! It was so unexpected, which made it even more exciting. I don’t act as much as I used to, but it will always be a part of me. I’m very happy with my choice now and if I had to do it again I would do the same.”

Location: Oosterwolde

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