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  • Vivian Graham

EREN (2nd Year)

”Planning is not in my dictionary. The thing with me is that everything happens spontaneously, and I try to make that spontaneity into something positive, rather than something that will scar me for the rest of my life. I would consider myself a realist, which people sometimes interpret as pessimism. But I still think there are occasions when I look at the bright side of things when everyone else is looking at the dark side. I think it helps to discuss it with people who see things from different sides. The thing I like about my friends is that they're not monolithic, they don’t all share the same opinion. And I tend to get influenced by people easily, so to form my own opinion, I need to consider a variety of different opinions, and yeah, having a variety of different friends is a good way to go, I will say. I have a friend who I constantly discuss politics with to like, consider the trajectory that the world is going, and he keeps me on a more realistic basis. But then I also discuss with a friend who is always optimistic in the face of like, certain doom, which, I mean, it keeps me going as well. The only thing I expect from a discussion of politics is that we respect each other. Those friends help me balance things out. Because I agree with idealism. But the thing with idealism is that you shouldn't be too idealistic so as to disconnect yourself from the real world.” (Eren, 2nd Year, Istanbul)

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