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  • Vivian Graham

ELIN, LAOISE & NALEDI (3rd years) - part 2

(2/2) “We’re kind of together all day, but we’re also all busy people so we’re in and out quite a bit. But we always come together at dinner.” “And breakfast, and lunch” “And between meals.” “Ok we spend a lot of time together, but it’s not too much.” “I just feel very at ease with them, so it's not like I feel like I need to put extra effort into how I present myself around them. And that’s one of the most important things in a friendship for me, that ease” “Yeah, it’s not hard work to be around each other” “We’re just all happy here. Sometimes it can feel like there’s a rush to do the next thing, and there is so much to experience, but sometimes it’s ok to just stay put where you’re happy.” “Yeah, the main thing I’ve been appreciating more lately is stability, and feeling established in a place. And I feel most at home here, more than anywhere else in my life.”

“One day we’ll leave this house.” “Or maybe we’ll be here til we’re 80, and raise our kids here.”

Location: the Hague

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