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  • Vivian Graham

ELIN, LAOISE & NALEDI (3rd years) - part 1

(1/2) “The pandemic was a blessing in disguise, for us of course, because we ended up living together when otherwise they would’ve been in Copenhagen and Australia, and I would’ve been left here. But we also try to see the blessing in disguise for little things too.”

“With most bad situations, there’s a silver lining.”

“We have kind of a mutual support system, where if one of us has a problem we’ll come together, discuss the problem, and think of an action plan for how to tackle it.”

“It’s kind of like group therapy, and you leave it with a plan. That always makes everything feel a lot less stressful than it did before.”

“We support each other through the big and small things, and things almost always end in laughter.”

“We just have mutual respect and values.”

“And lifestyles.”

“It just kind of works.”

Location: the Hague

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