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  • Greta Matz

DAAN (3rd year)

“One thing I’ve been struggling with throughout lockdown and online education is staying motivated, because I believe that one isn’t motivated by the content itself but the people around you. Lockdown has just proven once again that humans are social creatures, who need each other. In general (and specifically during the pandemic), I believe that it’s best to live in the moment as best as one can, and not to worry too much about what others might believe or assume about you. You should allow yourself to feel how you feel, but at the same time try to make something out of the sad days. There is plenty of time in the future to think about the future. If all you do is worry about when lockdown will finally be over, then what have you been doing over the last six months? It’s hard to find a positive aspect each day, but that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Also, the mindset of doing what you enjoy led me to study the minor sustainable development right now. It’s not about where I want to be in 10 years time, but whether I enjoy what I am working on right now. So for me, it’s not about reaching a certain goal or position in life, but feeling fulfilled and accomplished by what I do. Also believing that people are good and have their own reasons for acting the way they do encourages me to believe in a better tomorrow. If I have a discussion with someone I disagree with, I can still be friends with them after the discussion is over. I don’t believe that you can change someone’s behaviour by simply telling them that they’re wrong, but by hearing them out and communicating constructively. Solving global problems is a matter of putting faith in other people.”

Location: Delft

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