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CHARLOTTE (3rd year)

When I decided to go to the Hague to study International Studies, many people advised me to not take part in any extracurricular activities besides my studies. Thus, when I started studying in the first semester, I didn’t really do anything social in terms of helping other people out or joining a committee, since I thought university would so time consuming, that I wouldn’t have time to do anything else besides studying.

But I quickly discovered that that was utter bullshit. I had so much free time filled with drinking and partying, which made me feel somewhat empty and lost at the end of my first semester. That’s why I decided to become more active in committees and Social Work Organisations in the second semester. So these days I am active in the Extinct Rebellion Regenerative Committee, Amnesty Student Team and Read Cycle which makes me feel very fulfilled and content.

Instead of filling my time with partying, these activities have given my life more purpose, since I can give something back to those that are in need. People inspire me, and I learn a lot by talking to people with different cultural, political, and social backgrounds. Contradictory to former advice, my involvement in these organizations and committees has given me more pleasure within my studies, because I get to put the theories we learn into practice and can implement them in everyday life.

Being active in voluntary work, NGO’s and committees has brought me so much knowledge and purpose to reflect on, alongside with meeting many people from various backgrounds. That’s why I would recommend everyone to do something alike and get active! (Charlotte, 3rd year, Switzerland)

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