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I would like to change the world in my own way. Thinking big, I would like to dismantle capitalism and its nefast consequences in Africa, my region of choice. However, I am well aware that it is idealistic and not realistically achievable, even though it is a topic dear to my heart. Despite these great ambitions I have, on a smaller scale, I would like to buy my own apartment someday to live with my beloved and raise pets, hopefully, a dog and a cat. I believe that this future is more achievable than destroying the whole structure on which our modern life rely on. But I think that every individual possesses dreams that are more or less attainable. Additionally, I am a pretty anxious person, so I prefer to focus on the immediate and short-term. Since student life can be very challenging, I would rather avoid thinking about the upcoming midterm and focus on my friend’s birthday celebration for example. Even if I am someone who gets easily stressed, living in The Netherlands has allowed me to overcome a lot of challenges and surpass myself. I have put myself out there, I learned to love some parts of myself in a supportive environment so I am very grateful for that. That is why I am inspired by Linh Truong, a lifestyle Youtube content creator that shares her college experience, which I can relate to. It pushes me to become a better version of myself, more independent, autonomous, and productive. At the end of the day, I would like to become successful in balancing my life and progress in learning to love myself, and I believe that is something that all university students want to achieve in some way.

(Reva Kulkarni, 2nd year, India)

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